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What is CBD Oil?

If you don't know what CBD oil is, you're not alone. "CBD" is short for cannabidiol, and it's one chemical compound — called a cannabinoid — in cannabis.

As shown in the graphic below, cannabis doesn't just refer to marijuana. It's a family of plants. Marijuana is the type of cannabis that people are most familiar with. It has high levels of THC, which is what makes it illegal.

Hemp is a different thing. It has low levels of THC and hemp has been used for centuries to make all kinds of things, from salad dressing to clothing - and more. CBD oil is created from hemp rather than marijuana because the levels of CBD in marijuana are often low.

CBD is getting a lot of attention lately - as well it should. Even just a cursory search online will tell the astute researcher everything they ever wanted to know about CBD and more.

But CBD is just one of the cannabinoids in cannabis. There are more than 85, and in a full spectrum oil like Earth Mama's, you get more than just CBD. Many other oils are isolated to CBD only, but a full spectrum oil also includes so many of the other amazing compounds in this plant.

Except THC. It still doesn't have any of that.

Cannabinoids & their uses

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